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Hi Marjorie,
This email has been a long time coming! I wanted to thank you from the bottom of 
my heart for the amazing love I have in my life because of you. My 
gorgeous Whippet Penny is one of the biggest joys in my life. Every day I rush 
home to see her cute face, run around in the backyard with her, only to 
ultimately end up cuddling under the covers before bed. Thank you for putting  
her in my life. I could truly not ask for a better, dog, companion, best friend.
There once was a dog with a flair,
Who slept with his legs in the air.
He could run like crazy,
But was really quite lazy
Preferring the couch or a chair. 
XOXO, Lyndsey Sousa

Just wanted to send you an update of our beautiful girl Lucy who we got
 from you a year ago! She is doing so well and she truly is the light of my
 husband and my world! If we ever move and get a larger yard, we will definitely
 want another whippet. If Lucy isnít outside playing in the sun she loves to be
 snuggled on our pillows, or even better under the blankets. Thanks again for a
 great dog!

All My Best Chloe




Some nice comments from folks that have our Miniature American Shepherds.

I just wanted to let you know that our family has been more happy since Kuranda has arrived than possibly ever anticipated.  She has not only become the best dog our family has ever had, but a fantastic influence to her new brother and cousins!(cousin Lucy in picture)

Kuranda takes CUTE to a new level, has a personality that radiates love, has fantastic playtime energy, LOVES to snuggle, and is the most soft thing ever!!  (is she part rabbit? haha)

In the future, if you have any pups that deserve to keep their tails and move to Texas to join us, please keep us in mind.

She is currently just under 30 lbs, she has good hearing.

She's a bit longer than expected, but every silly inch is full of LOVE!  She's amazing.  She goes to my wife's workplace most days (vet clinic) and rides along my side everywhere else.  She hasn't made an enemy of anyone yet and I don't expect that is ever gonna happen.  

Thanks again! 

Kenny Kuykendall





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